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About Us

The sector employs more than 650,000 people. There are more than 26,000 medical technology companies in Europe, of which 95% are SMEs. One could claim that almost every day more then 100 improved or new medical devices are brought to the market. Outside the question if the new medical device regulations will provide a CE marking, is the question if the new or improved device will be reimbursed very relevant.

A reimbursed medical device will have a much bigger potential market then a non reimbursed product.

Reimbursement of medical devices, to be used in hospitals or in the out-patient market, is dependent of the rules of the country concerned. Each country in Europe does have its own rules to decide about reimbursement.


Market Place

All stage of your product’s development offers an opportunity to maximize product benefit. With experience spanning each stage of product discovery, development, and commercialization, Seijgraaf Consultancy is uniquely placed to deliver market access solutions designed to dynamically explore and open your product’s market potential.


 Reimbursement supports you through the summary of your pharmacy managing data and with the help of an own reimbursement consultant pharmacy is performing so that you can develop your reimbursement efficiency, moderate chance and improve weak adherence.

Knowledge Development

We are dedicated being a leader in giving knowledge-based solutions to challenges of social development, business completion, and project management. Our knowledge development consulting services to management, Healthcare agencies, and special entities are a reflection of our great corporate sector roots and our huge multi-disciplinary activity in the social area.

We think that many SMEs can be helped with this.