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Ron de Graaff

Dutch nationality, Ron has a degree in law from the Free University Amsterdam and has focussed his professional life on health insurance and health financing issues as well as dental care and medical device and pharmaceutical reimbursement. Ron is a senior expert in issues of DRG financing (or in Dutch DBC) in the Netherlands. Over the years he has advised more than 600 private and public sector health care providers, insurers and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices giving advice mainly in the field of strategy and policy structures, related to and resulting from the finance structures of the Dutch healthcare system (over 2,500 projects). His past duties involved: Chairman of Umbrella Organization of Medical Technology in the Netherlands (SOMT) and various advisory roles of the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the National Reimbursement Authority.

Frans van Andel

Dutch nationality. Degrees in health economics (Universities of Groningen and Utrecht) and public health (Harvard, USA). PhD in pharmaceutical economics. More than 25 years of experience in market access issues involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices with work experience in the pharmaceutical industry, CRO's and WHO. Work experience in market access in the public and private sector in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Assignments from the health insurance sector, medical technology and pharmaceutical industries as well as institutional agencies such as the European Union, the World Bank and the Netherlands' Government. Expert in market access issues involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices (in particular pricing and reimbursement procedures and applications), project development sourcing, health financing and insurance and public/private mix. Fluent in Dutch, English, German. Conversant in French and Russian.

Saeed Sadighi

Dr Saeed Sadighi is Senior Project & Business Development Manager with extensive experience in the UK and EU healthcare development projects, working with C-levels, senior managers and stakeholders as well as HR and sales and technical teams. He has led, conceived, designed and implemented projects up to Million Euros. He is well familiar with Healthcare Development Projects, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Strategy as well as research strategic planning.
He was a member of the CURA-B management team and my doctoral research was an output of €2.7m EU funded project for healthcare innovation development. CURA-B project was explored varies best practice models for the procurement, development and deployment of innovative AT-led (assistive technology) service solutions for the social and healthcare industry. This project focused on a synergy between NHS, local authorities, private sector, universities as well as social security organisations.
In his Ph.D. research he specifically focused on the UK Telehealthcare industry, SMEs Management and Business Performance. The research investigated how we can support SMEs within telehealthcare industry towards a positive cooperation and contribution with National Health Service (NHS). In particular it addressed the influences of cross-cultural factors on their innovativeness as well as the SMEs' performance development.
Dr Saeed Sadighi also hold an MBA in International Business Management and two higher level diplomas in computer science from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.